Benjamin Alexander Betts


Benjamin Alexander Betts has always had a passion for electronics, computers and Motion Pictures.  It all started at a very young age when his father showed him how to wire a lightbulb to a battery and switch, how a transistor could be used to flash that light and the miracle of semi-conductors.  The next thing you know he was rewiring the house!  Growing up in the Bay Area, just a stone’s throw away from Silicon Valley, Ben was a regular at the local surplus stores, always looking for technological solutions to everyday problems.  By High School, in the midst of the 80‘s micro-computer revolution and with glimpses of what companies like ILM could do with computer graphics, he started using computers to manipulate video and perform early CGI animation. 

Ben holds a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Management, is active in I.A.T.S.E. Local 695, a licensed C10 Electrical Contractor and THX-Certified Audio Engineer.

Among his 20+ year work experience, he built one of the first microcomputer CGI-rendering farms for Amblin Imaging, logged more than 12 years as the Supervising Engineer on Paramount’s various “Star Trek” Television series and feature films, has Produced a number of independent TV/Short-form projects, acted as 24-Frame Dept. Head/Technical Consultant for feature films like “Jobs” and and “Anchorman 2”.  He is currently is a Consulting Producer on TelePictures/Warner Bros' "Let’s Ask America" and Supervising the Video Playback on shows like “CSI:”.

Ben lives with his wife, actress, Nicole Myrick-Betts, and their son, Frankie, in Glendale, California.

He hopes to pass on his interest with gadgetry to Frankie, who is already showing the same fascination with how things work and inventive ways of rewiring the home theater and kitchen appliances to include “choo-choo” trains.


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